25th February 2012


Met girls in Brampton. Can’t find the sin90.

sin90 = 1 by the way, just so you know. Take note that not all girls I know are bad, BSS chick friends are awesome, and close friends around the world. Anyways, I’ve met “slutty girls” (inside joke) for the past… what, 3 weeks? Some of them would voluntarily spread their legs for you, and I find them creepy tbh LOL. While some are too intellectual for my level [Extreme pervertness heard from some random girl in a random party(obviously a real slut): “omgosh! With that huge amount of applied force, ignoring air resistance, he’ll definitely c** in no time”], too nerdy perhaps, in other words.. socially awkward. I do have standards and they’ve never surpassed my ex. Maybe that’s the reason why I started having these weird dreams about her, it’s because I use her as a reference for my standards. Fuck.

1. Beautiful.

2. Kind and not that much caring like mom.

3. Same spiritual belief as I do.

4. At least a year younger than me.

5. Loves to confess feelings towards a guy they like. (For crying out loud, they are different from sluts.)

6. Smart, but not a nerd.

7. Loves music the same as I do.

8. Not a perv. Never talked about nuts and volts if you know what I mean.

She’s definitely one in a million, not gonna lie, but we can’t go back together anymore. We’ve both decided to move on, and we’re probably on the same state right now: studying while finding the right one. It sucks, but oh well. Even though I feel like a fish in a bucket, why quit, right? I’m still young to begin with anyways..xD